Business Activities


With our dreams driving our work, we are a golden bridge that connects the people of Asia.

Let us make our workers and their families happy, never forgetting to be grateful and happy, and be agents of prosperity and change for our customers and of Asia

We are willing to share our experience and knowledge with you to meet your specific needs such as;


Assisting business expansion to overseas / Marketing Research

  • As a manufacturer, we wish to have an overseas manufacturing base.
  • We wish to study the advance into overseas markets in the service industry like the food service industry.
  • We wish to conduct a market research and evaluate if our products are in demand in the Philippines.
  • We wonder if there are any suitable business partners in overseas joint venture.

Development of Human Resources / Accepting foreign workers

  • We wish to employ Japanese Filipinos.
  • We wish to employ foreign residents of Japan.
  • We wish to accept technical intern trainees.
  • We wish to build a lawful scheme to employ foreigners.
  • We wish to invite overseas students to our Japanese language school.
  • We wonder if somebody can support our overseas students in their daily lives.

The work of education / Information Transmission

  • We wish to improve our foreign workers’ ability.
  • We wish to provide our foreign workers with education for Japanese.
  • We wish we had various seminars on local affairs in Asia and the outlook for the future.


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