Message from President


President, Iwahashi (right)
with Mr. Michael L. Rama,
Mayor of Cebu City

I have been engaged in the global logistics for 20 years, the development of employment of foreign workers for 10 years, which makes my business career in the Asian Resion for 30 years in total. Above all, the connection with the Philippines is the longest for me and it’s 15 years since my assignment to Manila in 2000.
During that period, I started up a logistic company as a representative of the company, and after my return to Japan in 2005, I have developped human resources such as the acceptance of technical intern trainees, the employment of Nikkeijin – Japanese descendents and Foreign Residents in Japan. In addition, I have supported the companies which intend to expand their business to the Philippines with using my experience of establishment and operating corporation in that country.
Philippines has made a significant economic development in recent years as if they just woke up and become an investee country for Japanese companies.
I expect that I am not the only one who feels attraction for the contry whose population is over 100 millions and whose average age is early twenties.
I thought that this opportunity should not have been missed and made up my mind to leave the company I had worked for 32 years and establish my own company.
The time is now. Shall we obtain the chance together? I’m anxiously awaiting response from people with the same mind.

9th of December, 2015
Hirokazu Iwahashi


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